Human Alchemy

There is a technique in art called stipple. Stipple is a series of only dots applied to the artwork, usually pencil or ink that make up the picture of form, like pixels on the television really. Darker shadows more dots, etc. but there are no hard edges.  We as a human on the Periodic Table of Elements are mass, we have weight. We as human on the Table of Human Characteristics are as in stipple, we are the dots, the cells of our individual opus and we have trillions of them.

The dots between us and the dots within us also have weight. The dots change as we change. It is a weight so minut we as of yet do not have a scale or device  of measurement but that does not mean the weight is not there. I will call it Soul Weight because emotions and actions weighs on the heart so by extension weighs on the mind then the Soul, possibly not in that order. This weight and the dots change as we change, Angry darker, happy lighter. Like the molecular structure when a bowl is placed in a microwave changes except we are continuous, there is no thousandth of a second the same. Tell a lie and in some way, because there is weight to that, dots change. Humming would change your frequency therefore your soul weight and so on. The words stable and unstable comes to mind. This is Human Alchemy, growth, pulling the covers over your head, staying the same. This could be working at being a better cell within the total body of what makes up our Universe.

Each life is in flux with every decision our thoughts, and experiences, rearrange the dots forcing them to shift and change. Each one of the qualities, characteristics and emotion, when activated affect your magnetic field which is our lower three chakra’s. Being magnetic if you carry despair around with you for example therefore you sit beside it on the but os in a check out land then the frequency of despair bleeds into your energy field so when that person moves ahead and away. This also works with happy, excited, grateful whatever emotion you choose. You are the Great Work in your own life.

Like energy is always in form through form or out of form, never staying the same in hopes of some kind of balance. There is much more to this.


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