Absolutes of Earth – As it pertains to Human Alchemy

The Absolute of Earth, South, West, North
The Absolute of the Earth is ruled by our amazing North and you should walk barefoot in the grass sometime, the nutrients there will astound you. Gaia is the Goddess who is the personification of Earth. The Elemental is the Gnome, aided by the fun Frog. It represents The Way of the Seer which is the Entrance to the Stillness of the Soul.

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The Absolute of Earth, South, West, North
This is Greg who has lived, and has been in business locally for a very long time. Easily recognizable by all. You can see why I was happy when he accepted the challenge be East, Earth. As you know our planet is the manifestation of this element and is the densest of the Absolutes. This is the direction of East, in the Four Insights it represents, the Seer, trust the Universe is conspiring on your behalf. The direction of East lends the representation of Springtime and Sunrise, and birth. I like it.

Greg can be purchased on his own as a 12 x 12 print for $30.00 to be printed mixed or matched with three others for $120.00.
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Absolute of Earth, East, West, North
This is Kevin who represents South. He is a pillar of the community wildly popular, hard working and communicative. He volunteered willingly, excitedly even and I was happy he did. Earth represents the colour Green, the sense of touch, Winter and Drums. In the Four Insights as the Way of the Seer North is about owning yourself and the responsibility for you own pain or happiness.

Kevin can be purchased on his own as a 12 x 12 signed, number print or can be mixed and matched with other directions and Absolutes as a 24 x 24 print for $120.00

Absolute of Earth, North, East, South
He was known, (by me at least) as Pastor Pete and, to me, was a pure Joy to know. He arrived, character intact to participate in my project. All of these pictures were taken way back in 2012 by a good friend Mark Mess. Living happily, I think in California near his daughter now but I have to say, I do miss him. As a Way of the Seer keep in touch with the Spirit within and create a dream of beauty and grace. Earth signs are sensitive Taurus ruled by Venus, stimulating Virgo in association with Venus and practical Capricorn with the ruler of Saturn.

Pastor Pete can be purchased on his own as a 12 x 12, signed, numbered print or can be printed with three others in the Absolutes, in a 24 x 24, for $120.00.
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Absolute of Earth, East, South, West
This was sweet young Molly who is now in College. I credit Molly who was the first to call me definitively and Artist. I am so grateful she is part of this project and that she plays the part of Earth, North. As the Way of the Seer, North calls you to embark on a sacred journey and to look for opportunities to step into your destiny. Earth, North also represents, midnight, stillness, dreams and the hexahedron. It’s Arch angel is Uriel and is guided by the Hummingbird.

Molly can be purchased on her own in a 12 x 12 signed, numbered print or can be printed with three other Absolutes in a 24 x 24 print for $120.00
Shipping $25.00