Absolutes of Water – As it pertains to Human Alchemy

Absolute of Water, South, East, North
The Absolute of Water is Ruled by the West. Other than the 5th Element which is Etheric or Love, Water is the strongest Element and is feminine. It freezes, it boils, it vaporizes, it is also 70% of our body which ironically it is approximately the same as the percentage that covers the Earth. A Clepsydra is an ancient time divine worked with the flow of water.

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Karl, Direction East, Element Water
This is Karl a great guy who thankfully volunteered for the position fo East Water. Waters Platonic Solid is the Icosahedron and is ruled by the Moon. The Elemental for Water is the Undine who inhabit the seas, rivers and all other places including mud puddles I a pretty sure.

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Absolute of Water, East, West, and North
This is Tom a wonderfully creative Soul. He gave us all kinds of facial expressions, glasses off glasses on kind of photo’s. Wanting us to get the very best of results. Water represents the Season of Fall, instruments, percussion, and the sense of taste. The vision of Water represents flow, Sundown adult maturation and fruition.

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Absolute of Water, North, East, South
This is Garrett, Water represents the direction of West which is the position I placed the young people. Garrett was a big asset to this group he was helpful,kind and cold I think. Garrett is very much into the Arts through both theatre, and chorus, He is also an Artist. Water conducts sound and currant, and has powers of communication. It symbolizes cleansing and regeneration,It signifies an evolution from former self to new self, and of course flow.

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Absolute of Water, East, South, West
This is Kelly, she graciously volunteered for this position. Kelly is a warm, hard working, exuberant person who signifies the personification of this position perfectly. Water has a magnetic quality that contains an essence of healing and psychic elements. Undines is the Elemental influence. The Arch Angel is Gabriel and represents the dream state between lucid dreaming and sleeping Anyone lucky enough to be born under the Water sign is Emotional Cancer represented by the Moon, Eruptive Scorpio ruled by Pluto and idealistic Pisces connected with Neptune.

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