Absolutes of Wind – As it pertains to Human Alchemy

Air East, South, West, North
I Love this Element, because it has so many cool aspects. The Absolute of Air is ruled by the East, it is masculine, also it’s color is yellow. I will explain more as you look at each of the four individual Air directions.

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The Absolute of Air, South Air, West Air, North Air
This is David. I first met him rehearsing for a play at a Community Theatre. Air is ruled by the East so he plays the integral part here. The Chinook Winds are the warm, dry wind blowing intermittently down the East side of the Rockies during the Winter and early Swing which causes rapid thawing snow. When the Wind is from the East it carries clarity, vision and purpose. The Instrument representing the Element of Air is of course, the Wind instruments. The Platonic Solid is the octahedron. Air is the power of the Mind, and exists within us as breath, idea’s, also associated with our freedom and New Beginnings.

David can be purchased by himself, as he is such a great fellow. Also you can mix these up to make your own Fire, Air, Water, and Earth.
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The Absolute of Air, East, West, North
This is Paul representing South Air. I met him at the same Community Theatre Play in a totally different context. He built, staged, instructed, plus and was an all around great guy. When the Wind is from the South it carries, a new sense of trust, begin to discard habits and parts of you that are no longer serving you. The season of Air is Spring, the senses are hearing and is also the bearer of odors and scents. Wind and the force of the Wind is measured by the Beaufort Scale and Anemometer gauges direction and velocity.

You can buy Paul individually, who was the quiet, take care of things kind of guy.
You can also form your own Chart of Absolutes.
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Absolute of Air, North, East, South.
This is Russ who fits in well here as he is a musician as the Element of Air deals with sound. Also along side in the position of North is his wife, my daughter. This is the direction of West and that wishes you introspection, and quite possibly letting go of ego desires and attachment according to my oracle cards, with the Wind which is always a sign of change. The Eagle, the Condor and really all winged beings are a part of this Element, The Arch Angel is Raphael and creativity.

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Absolute of Air, East, South, West.
Air was the first group I painted so of course my daughter Brook, (my biggest fan) stepped up and represents, True North in this group. Appropriately placed the Air Element represents birth through early childhood and the rising Sun, a dreamless sleep to stillness. The direction of North brings wisdom and strength. Anyone lucky enough to be an Air sign is Aquarius who is original and is ruled by Uranus who is the god of the sky and is the personification of the Heavens, versatile Gemini and personable Libra.

Brook can be purchased by her own beautiful self of or joined by others as you build your own painting.
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