This gallery represents my body of work relating to thoughts, commissions, and simple attempts to challenge myself with media and subject matters in image form. Prints are available for purchase by contacting

I was at a town festival in the Midwest when I took this picture. The day was very hot. There were 275, 4 x 4 foot squares painted on the street, also there were 275 children of all ages with a brush, and 6 colours of paint for every square. Each one went about their task with different moods, ideas, expertise and intensity. This little one had thrown her bicycle aside and with one word spoke columns. Bless her. Print 20 x 16, $80.00

My granddaughter couldn’t wait to turn 4 to take ballet lessons. Here she is in a yellow room with a dozen other 4 year olds. The girls seldom lined up or had the same body movements, but the room was yellow. . . so yellow even the floor looked yellow. How could you stand still in such yellow? The instructor stayed amazingly calm, the girls amazingly active. I had to paint it. Signed Numbered Print 24 x 36 $160.00, postage $25.00 contact to order.
Her popularity spans generations and it started out I wanted to paint something people would want to buy. Which picture, how big, questions and answers I ask with every painting. I started. I whited out her face more than once, eyes to small, start again. Chair first, drying time, legs and feet, more drying time, the skirt, the layers, drying time. My studio was beside the path taken downstairs every morning, She was such a seemingly permanent fixture so she greeted us most mornings. It started out I wanted to paint a painting people would want to buy. I ended up painting the painting I wanted to paint. She was a great learning experience.

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Print 24 x 24 $160.00
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Being from my family of collectors in the Summer we went to a lot of auctions, usually outside among neighbours and friends. Outside auctions are almost unheard of now, but on this day not so long ago, in Bellevue Iowa I went to this one. The day was perfect, warm, breezy. One some day, like this one, all of your pictures just turn out. Going through the pictures later I couldn’t resist this one of these two friends in this setting. If you ever have a chance to go to an auction inside or out it is a wonderful way to spend a day.

Signed, numbered Prints 36 x 24 $160.00
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I thought you would like to know what the most fabulous guy in the world looked like since you may not have met him. Print 20 x 14 $140.00
I took this picture during a Blues Festival. The atmosphere and the breeze were working in our favour so it was only natural these two would be wandering. Sometimes sitting down beside as dog, stooping beside an elderly person or kneeling by a child is such a great gesture. To level yourself with another whether consciously or unconsciously speaks to the greatness of the other. If you are paying attention the action can also change you and your perspective. Wonder what they are talking about? It’s none of my business.Prints 36 x 24 $160.00
The first couple of years after I moved into the house I tried to kill them as a foundation weed but they persisted and I am glad they did. As you rounded the South corner they spilled over the trellis. This an un- hybridized version (thank God), the smell, as beautiful as they. Print 16 X 20 $80.00, shipping $25.00
I am a one “maybe” two brushes at a time kind of gal myself. This painting speaks of a woman at a much different skill level than I. Touche’. Signed, numbered prints 15 X 12
Well this is my sister Linda
If I seen this person on the street I don’t know how I would react. My hope is that I would greet her as with anyone and be compelled to strike up a conversation because she appears to be such an interesting person. Another reaction would be to think and judge her until my scenario of her would be a pathetic story. The truth is I would like someday to wear a wonderful hat in a crowd and know whatever the reaction, “I am Billie the Great.” signed numbered print 24 x 36, $160.00 + $25.00 shipping
I seen a sandwich board in a movie that inspired me to do some research about this subject and I have to say it is a fascinating subject. There is no good reason that I have never treated myself to a session. Have you? I have tried to read my own but I just don’t have the knack for it. Anyway I have this mole right in the middle of my left hand. I wonder what they “A True Palmist” would say about that. I guess I will just have to have that adventure to find out. Signed, numbered print,
24 x 36 $160.00
Shipping $25.00
There are a few points to be made with this painting I think. As a local landmark some may know as the point at Spruce Creek Park in Bellevue Iowa. There though is other points here, the relaxation time, the father and child spending time, the approaching fishing boat, even the bicycle propped against the tree sends a message of future moments of freedom. I hold up my glass and send hope to all that we have many hours to come of whatever we call freedom. That’s the point. Signed, numbered 13 x 19 print $70.00
Shipping $25.00
I was walking around the town I lived in and recognized in my mind I had broken the streets and area’s of town down in sections. I had lived in this town over half my life and I discovered while contemplating my Life, Love and Pursuit of Happiness that I come to the conclusion that I have and inner landscape. This recognition startled Me in ways large and small. So I decided to give this some thought and put it down in paint. This is not nearly all of me by the way, and I really do believe I possess an Ego Dragon. Signed, numbered print
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You don’t hear anything really good about the Dandelion. Neighbours curse neighbours over the treatment or lack of treatment. I believe pretty much every family would consider a member or two shadows of their good name. “However, at the other end of the spectrum.” I have heard Dandelions make a very fine wine. Interestingly I have considered myself to be a Dandelion in my own family from time to time. “Soon,” I will have to buy a bottle to check out the theory. 11 x 14 signed and numbered, 30.00
$15.00 shipping.
Most of us have been in situations such as this. The anticipation feels like it may stop your heart. Butterflies in your stomach tun into racoons. Children now are put in these types of situations at an early age, school activities, church, recitals, they (I think) become more comfortable. It is hard for me to believe though some butterflies don’t make an appearance. For me, after the activity is finished such relief and satisfaction takes over, audience response causes your heart to soar. These moments have been few at least in my lifetime, but so memorable. Signed, numbered print available
18 x 18 $90.00
25 x 24 $120.00
Shipping $25.00
Solitude speaks loudly. The two gentlemen in this goat were paying no attention to me. As I watch I notice how easily they moved around one another accommodating the other wordlessly when needed as if they had been doing it for 50 years with resounding grace. Maybe they have. 24 x 12 signed numbered print
25.00 shipping
This particular morning was still, the mood calm. These two were just gliding along. At least for this moment and until the click of my camera when she turned, it seemed as if these two had found serenity. Signed, numbered print 16 x 20,
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The subject of this painting is Taisha. She has a larger than life personality who always has something in her hands or hair. Seemingly she is scared of nothing and as friendly as a neighbour should be. This day she runs up to me, frog in hand, with such a great balance of happiness and grunge about her. I truly hope I always know her. Signed numbered print only 24 x 36, $160.00
Shipping $25.00
This is a painting of Micheal in his garden. I think this picture could have been taken of him when he was 10 because physical labor was then used and taught as a preparation for life. It is nice that there are now machines to do some of the work but, I think everyone would benefit and should take this first course in, Labor 101, available only as a signed, numbered 20 x 16 print, $100.00.
Shipping $25.00
My Grandsons were playing catch in the backyard. It reminded me, (though this is definitely dating me,) I remember a time when there were no uniforms. The base’s were stepped of, sometimes represented by a tree or stick. Most kids didn’t have baseball gloves. Teams were then called off by choice. There were still some hard feelings usually pretty good competition. After recess the score had been forgotten, tomorrow the team members would change. It was all in good fun. available as a signed, numbered print,
24 x 36, $160.00
$25.00 shipping
He was raised a farm boy but his true Love was books. Everything from hand tools, war, history, nature and poetry. You can learn so much about a person by looking at their bookshelves and his were full. I knew he was brilliant but sadly I didn’t know he wanted to be a botanist until the last days of his life. available as signed, numbered print 24 x 36,
Signed number print $160.00.
Shipping $25.00
My Grandparents had this store in I think the 30’s and 40’s. The stories about this place were of hard work, gypsies and wash day soup. This is a picture of my Grandfather and Aunt on, what looks like, cleaning day. available as a signed, numbered print
24 x 36. $160.00
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I once spent an afternoon listening to a young girl play the violin. Print only 16 x 20, $100.00
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